Structura Technologies: Design Assistance and Project Management Services for the Concrete Construction Industry

“Find a meaningful need and fill it better than anyone else.”

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Why work with us?

STI Teams:

• Accurate Estimates by Experienced Estimators
• Industrialized Construction Processes to Reduce Typical Construction Time
• Lower Material Costs
• Less On-Site Construction Material with Less Material Waste
• Unskilled Local Labor Force Training
• Regularly Scheduled Inspections by Experienced Quality Control Inspectors
• Implementation of the Latest Innovations in Advanced Construction
• Green Construction Methodologies Implemented for the Well Being of Future

We have the ability to create capacity building to train unskilled, skilled, and specialized contractors and sub contractors to produce results quickly anywhere in the world.

We are a company committed to making a difference in the countries we work in. STI develops relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in the host country ensuring whenever possible that project funds flow back into the local economy.