Key Leaders

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The Key Leaders of Structura Technologies, Inc. bring with them a wealth of experience in construction projects in over 40 countries.
Led by CEO Ron Ward, STI has demonstrated its commitment to Helping Others through the creation of large scale affordable and sustainable housing projects worldwide.

Ronald A. Ward


Ron founded Structura Technologies in 1996 to provide technical and advisory services to contractors and developers who wanted to reduce costs in concrete structures through the implementation of systems formwork. In 2010 that mission was expanded internationally to help government entities, developers, contractors, NGO’s and aid agencies worldwide rapidly deliver affordable, sustainable communities with the most advanced construction systems and services available. Under his direction, STI provides strategic results through the provision of services to global clients using the company’s exclusive Total Solution Offering. His vision ensures clients sustainability over the long term, empowers and mentors local businesses and entrepreneurs, allowing them to build their way out of the housing unit deficit that envelopes our world.

Dave Williams

PE: Vice President – Structura Technologies

Dave provides STI with over 30 years of comprehensive construction/manufacturing/engineering management, project/client management and personnel management experience. His past field experience with both commercial and residential contractors, provides a keen appreciation for customer needs. Dave’s primary mission within the company is to bring cost effective/time saving implementation standards to jobsites through extensive planning, in-depth engineering direction with extensive quality control inspections. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Wafa Abbas Zangana

Middle East Program Engineer

Wafa is a Civil Engineer with more than 10 years of experience as a construction supervisor and project manager for a wide variety of projects.  She joined Structura Technologies International as Program Engineer in 2010 and works extensively with several Middle Eastern customers, helping these clients choose the best solutions and services for their individual projects. As a key leader, Wafa is an integral part of STI, presenting the technical engineering data required in setting up industrialized construction processes in the Middle East. Wafa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Baghdad University, and a Master’s Degree in Construction Management from Oklahoma State University.

James LaHue


James joined Structura Technologies International in 2013, providing architectural design services, utilizing a diverse range of CAD skillsets which implement the latest in 3D Modeling and AutoCAD software programs which include Revit. He works closely with stakeholders, presenting solution alternatives, incorporating suggestions through an iterative design process to reduce project costs and increase productivity. His background in construction allows a firsthand understanding of STI’s Industrialized Construction Process (ICP) which implements the companies Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for clients producing residential units in mass. James holds a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Kansas.

Mwinyi Moma

Civil Engineer

Mwinyi has been with Structura Technologies International(STI) for 2 years. He graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in May of 2010 with a major in Civil Engineering and an emphasis on Construction. Previous to his schooling he was the Lead Drafting Engineer for Foth Design, Fort Washington, PA. His primary objectives at STI are the preparation and direction of plans for conversion with a variety of 3D modeling software programs including REVIT and AutoCad. He prepares and delivers projects for clients in Africa and the Middle East which includes a full assessment of aluminum forming equipment for the mass production of low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise concrete homes.

Bernard Trout

Technical Service Consultant

Bernard provides extensive training and technical support on a wide variety of project jobsites. He started his construction career as a laborer in 1989 as a carpenter, then foreman of concrete wall-crews, and on to setting “tunnel forms”. He began working as a Concrete Shell Superintendent in 1996 working on low to high-rise residential housing projects for developers worldwide. Bernard is presently providing technical support and training for developers worldwide.

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