Al Umarah Project

Faidh Al Umarah is working with Western Forms, the world-leading concrete forming systems, in the development of building 6500 residential units in Baghdad, Iraq.  From one story, two bedroom housing communities to multi-story, multi- family apartment blocks, WF equipment is specifically designed and purpose- built for the rapid production of affordable, sustainable housing. In the last two years, Western Forms’ forming systems were used in the delivery of more than one half million affordable, safe, resilient and sustainable concrete dwellings around the world.

Faidh Al Umarah Company in coordination with Structura Technologies is implementing comprehensive architectural and engineering design services to successfully plan, design, and construct this and other housing projects using Western aluminum forms. The design and engineering decisions made during this phase will help determine the outcome of the project in terms of quality, production efficiency, and completion time in accordance with the company’s budget and expectations.

Cast-in-place concrete construction using aluminum forms is the key component to Faidh Al Umarah Company’s industrialized construction process. Faidh Al Umarah Company chose Western Forms for the high quality aluminum forms they produce, along with the front end support provided by Structura Technologies to help manage the concrete shell construction process from design assistance to training local labor onsite.

The overall benefit to the program is that the forms can be reused for other projects, with the local labor being acclimated to the construction process.  The initial capital investment is defrayed over time by the increased speed of production, the reduced material and labor costs, and the high quality concrete structure created.

All completed homes are finished with decorative methods of the client’s choice. From Master Plans to final completion, Faidh Al Umarah’s homes will provide homeowners with beautiful, safe, durable, long lasting homes that will last many lifetimes.