Getting Started

Project Evaluation & Implementation

1. Send STI Your Master Plans

  • Representatives will review your plans for consideration of services and equipment using the most efficient types of construction
    processes available.

2. Construction Solutions Evaluation

  • Designers evaluate projects and advise clients with recommendations on turn-key solutions that can provide reduced costs and increased
    overall productivity when compared to traditional construction processes.

3. Proposal & Recommendations

  • Your STI Representative will work with you in reviewing proposed solutions, alternatives, costs, and benefits. Proposals can include a
    variety of construction materials, equipment, products and services that are recommended to provide clients high returns on investment
    with quick project completion schedules.

4. Our Teams’ Mission

  • STI’s Construction Management Teams oversee our clients’ entire projects or portions there-of, from planning to completion, on time
    and within the proposed budget.
  • STI is committed to delivering time proven management and design services, technology and skills-transfer-services that create
    sustainable, long-term benefits to all clients, and the communities it helps build.